Fix To Bluetooth Connectivity Issue In iOS 10


ios-10-logoApple is still working on updates, as you know, the Cupertino development team recently sent an update that solve some compatibility issues with iOS, however , there are still some bugs that prevent proper operation of the device. Sunday we want to show how to solve some problems Bluetooth connectivity that have come with iOS 10. Above all this problem is causing cuts in playback when using Bluetooth headsets with the same speakers or transmission technology.

As always, we recommend taking some preliminary steps to ensure that you do not lose anything. Read the instructions carefully, and do not perform any step that will generate any doubt or do not understand. Make a backup, either iCloud or iTunes, so we will ensure that changing configurations can again restore the device to a previous version that included all of our content. And finally, if you have any doubt, go to the comment box, our community of readers and writers, will help as much as possible, making it much easier to collaborate in this type of tutorials.

1. Turn off Bluetooth and Restart Device

The Bluetooth technology is being more failures is giving iOS 10. Let’s try the first and most obvious of classical methods to fix things in the computer world, reboot. First let’s turn off the Bluetooth, either from the Control Center or from Settings application, you decide. Then, reboot the device, for this we will press the Home button and the Power button on the iPhone 6s devices back in the iPhone 7, the reset is triggered by pressing the volume down button and the Power button. After restarting the device, we check that it works, so we will start the Bluetooth and try to reconnect the device that was causing us problems.

2. Forget Bluetooth Device and Reconnect

Another possibility to return to restore pairing with a Bluetooth device is to use the possibility of “forgotten device” and return to match it. To do this we will lead the implementation of Adjustments and as the Bluetooth menu. Within us the list of devices that have paired with the iPhone will appear, so find what interests us and we will press the “i” and enter the information into the device. See all the way down the possibility of “forgotten device” is the function we were looking for and we will choose. Now the device is unbind, so we will have to match it as always. Generally this is the option that usually works of all the above.

3. Restore Network Settings

Note that in most cases, reset the network settings makes us lose iCloud Keychain passwords. This function resets settings Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile data connection. We recall that the last settings network operator that provides us the service will also be erased, but nothing happens, we ask you to install the back as we start the device with the SIM inserted. So we go to the Settings application to select the General option. At the end of all is the Reset menu, we find the options to restore iOS on your device. Among the settings Reset find “Reset Network Settings”, will press and follow the instructions.

4. Diagnosis of the device by Apple

The diagnosis is a form that Apple employees have to find hardware failures on an iOS device quickly, I myself suffered these problems with the Bluetooth on my iPhone 6s and the diagnosis made at the Apple Store noticed errors in the Bluetooth . There are two ways to request diagnosis via the “Apple Chat”, or directly requesting a visit to the SAT at an Apple Store will us to make the diagnosis.

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