Fix For Cellular Data Usage On iPhone running On iOS 9

A new feature that Apple introduced in iOS 9 is called Wi-Fi assist. If activated,  the iPhone detects when the Wi-Fi network is slow and connect our data plan to stay connected to the Internet. At first, it seems a good idea, but it could not be so if your data plan is limited and our Wi-Fi is prone to cause problems. If you will not take you any surprises, it is best that desactivéis option and you wear the device as you were doing until the release of iOS in September.

Disabling Wi-Fi assist is not difficult, but you must know where it is. Upon entering the Wi-Fi game and mobile data, it might be confusing to look in the wrong section.

Disabling Support for Wi-Fi

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to cellular.
  • Scroll down and deactivate the Wi-Fi assist toggle.

This has been active on my iPhone since the first day, almost two weeks ago and have not seen any data usage increased. The best thing to check is to download the official application of your operator control and go if we see consumption data had not produced until the arrival of iOS in September.

It seems important to mention that in those days switching internet providers and have a new router, apparently has improved my Wi-Fi and my iPhone is not already connected to the internet from my plan of data. However, the previous capture helps us to realize that if the Wi-Fi network does not give trouble, support for Wi-Fi did not come into play and not increased the data usage.

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