Fix “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site/ Operation Aborted” Error



If you are getting ” Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site ” on  webpage in  using IE and loading with no error on other browsers. Something might be wrong. I experiences such errors on some websites and consistently admitting it was coding error on those websites.

I started accepting the alarming absurdity on my  website and I could not access any other webpages in Internet Explorer. However, the website worked fine with other browsers. Absolutely something was amiss there.

I googled about and i came beyond comments on amount of websites I was able to amount out the could cause of error. This is basically affair with Internet Explorer not able to accept cipher on your website. It is added to do with the adjustment of that Javascript code. Actuality is what I did to fix this:

Removed all the Javascript codes from adsense, feeds or any ads, then added Javascript code one by one checking for errors, i found that it was my Kontera Javascript Ad causing this issue.

Here is the final Punch, this code was placed at the basal of the t
emplate. I removed the code and did not get the error. But it was absolutely adjustment of the code causing the problem.

I placed the code <?php get_footer(); ?> and the problen was assuredly resolved. If you are ambidextrous with agnate error, try to play with the Javascript code and your issue  should be the fixed. Added accessible acumen for such affair is Google Map API in the code like accepting  Google Map anchored in your webpage.


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