Fix Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Black Screen On Wake


Fix Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Black Screen On Wake

This is a well known issue with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4,  a missing waking from standby or sleep mode. Despite pressing the power button, the display will remain black and not turn on. There two causes that lead to this problems. Today, This guide will help you fix Surface pro 4 black screen of death on wake from sleep on Windows 10 and previous operating systems.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is currently still struggling with some issues. A very annoying well-known problem with the sleep and standby mode of the Surface Pro 4. The device can not be awakened from sleep mode in this case. The screen remains black after pressing the power button. In self-experiments I have been able to make two causative problems identified. What these are and how you can fix I will show you today:

  • Problem 1: Incorrect Screen Output
  • Problem 2: Hanging display driver

Problem 1: Incorrect Screen Output

Firstly, one should not be expecting the worst. Although the suspension of the display driver is a concern. Just after using the external monitor (output “Only second screen”),  could see that after disconnecting the external output device, the Surface Pro 4 sleep mode stated having issues. I suppose here an error in the control of the output devices after work on the external screen.

Change display output “Only Computer” Solution 1:

The Surface Pro 4 display is adjusted (not connected) on a project output device, you can quickly and easily reset the output using keyboard shortcuts. Press therefore the Windows key + P. Then opens at the right of the screen to select the projection. There is now sufficient means arrow 3x up the issue “Only Computer” select. Then you confirm the entry with Enter.


The trick here is to know the available menu key sequence by heart:

  • Windows key + P
  • 3x Up arrow key
  • Enter

The incorrect output source was the cause of the problem,  you should now again on your desktop screen, have the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 working as usual with these tricks.

Problem 2: Hanging display driver

Problems with the display driver of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are also known. The driver seems to hang during the sleep mode or standby mode, thus causing a lack of waking up from standby mode.

Solution 2: Two buttons restart

If the conversion of the output source bring no success there is probably the known driver error. Here, unfortunately, helps only a restart of the device. This can be done by means of so-called 2-key restart:



Especially the two buttons restart on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is only a time-consuming. Here we can only hope that Microsoft gets the problem with the next update. If all the above fail, use the power button and the volume +, then restart your tablet to resume.   Hopefully, this simple fix will help your Surface Pro 4 tblack screen to be back on and running.

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