Restoration to iOS 6.1Microsoft Trade trojan horse



Last week we reported that you have already upgraded to iOS 6.1 problems with Exchange .There was just hoping that the fast service from Apple, with the update to 6.1.1  also would solve this problem. But that soon proved vain hope that fixes only the 3G problem for 4s-users.

ZDNet reports that Apple now the problem has been found and announced that the problem in a future software update is addressed. In an article in the Knowledge Base  , Apple additionally has a handbook resolution for the issue posted. 

And that guide answer is slightly easy: “Have you ever tried turning it on and off once more?”

  1. Go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  2. Faucet the Trade account
  3. Flip the change to OFF Calendar
  4. Look ahead to 10 seconds
  5. Activate the Calendar to ON

So in case your iPhone will not be the community is ostracized by means of your device administrator, that you can now fortunately Exchangen

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