With the iOS 9 Jailbreak 9 release was a surprise, developers have much work ahead to update all your applications and leave them ready for the new jailbreak, ie tweaks to adapt its latest iOS firmware. If you tried to use Winterboard iOS 9,  you may have noticed that not working as expected, or stops working directly. This is because as you can check the tweak Winterboard is not adapted to iOS 9. Fortunately, you can get it to work on iOS 9 Winterboard by a series changes that we are going to teach in News iPhone step by step.


How to troubleshoot compatibility WinterBoard on iOS 9:

Step 1: Launch the Cydia application from the main screen and install iFile popular package management.

Step 2: If you already have a broken version of Winterboard installed on your device jailbreak, and then uninstall it using Cydia. Download Winterboard .deb files in Safari on your device from here and save it to your device jailbreak using iFile option in Safari.

Step 3: Now use the previously installed iFile package to locate the .deb file and install Winterboard saved in the phone using the integrated installation mechanism iFile.

Step 4: Using iFile, navigate to the / applications and locate the Winterboard application ( Click on the exclamation mark next to the application and rename

Step 5: Return to Cydia and install the tweak iCleaner. That as part of the installation, will anche Cydia Winterboard update. Respring the iOS device.

Step 6: With the head again in iFile in the / applications and rename the again.

Step 7: Start the application and press the clean option option ..

After following the above steps, rather complicated reasons should become operational. From here we know that the steps are a little confusing, but they confirmed that it works, as has been its own developer who is reported that this is the only method to make Winterboard work on iOS 9

If you have any question during or after 9 jailbreak iOS, make sure you check out our troubleshooting guide link below:

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