flapybirdFlappy Bird may reappear in the App Store. Plans for a triumphant return of the game to online store,  mentioned the developer to Rolling Stone creator about the popular project.

Flappy Bird officially ceased to exist at the beginning of February. Game maker Vietnamese Dong Nguyen explained that he learned about addiction, which causes the game , and therefore began to suffer remorse and insomnia . However, since then the popularity of applications only increased . There were news that users unable to sell at exorbitant prices iPhone preloaded with a toy. That is why online shops flooded dozens, if not hundreds, of fakes. Churning them there is no difficulty , as both the original application was very primitive in terms of gameplay.

During the interview, Dong said that does not preclude the fact that Flappy Bird returns to app stores . According to him, ” he thinks about it .” If the game will be released again in the App Store, then it will be a special warning “Please take a break” , said Vietnamese .

In Flappy Bird players need to manage thick clumsy bird that flies through the endless rows of pipes borrowed from a series of Mario. In any clash with chimney bird dies and the game starts again. Gamers must try as much as possible the pipes and thus the highest score .

According to the creator of the game , a few large companies claim to purchase brand Flappy Bird. However, Nguyen decided that his project will be completely independent.

Currently developers who are trying to publish to the App Store and Google Play like Flappy Bird programs receive waivers. Apple as a reason for refusal writes that the developers are trying to benefit from the similarities with the very popular , while Google all these projects relates to spam .

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