The new  Apple iOS firmware brought several changes  including allowing developers to replace the standard keyboard own decisions . The limitation is that the keyboard unit can be used only at the application level . Developers keypad Fleksy offered a universal solution that can appear in all popular instant messengers , email clients and applications for social networking iOS. They opened the SDK, which are free to use third-party programmers .

Fleksy has many advantages compared with the standard keyboard. It has a predictive function and auto- advanced , which allows for high speed printing.

Fleksy contains two options Keyboard – QWERTY and classic version of a space , which turns on and off with a special gesture. Correction of text is also produced by special gestures. The keyboard automatically selects the appropriate option for the misspelled word in the most approximate form . Users can view a list of suggested words , by selecting the text and scrolling down . Placement of punctuation automatically put , worth just double tap the space bar or right.

Integration with other applications Fleksy for iOS – a laborious process , the developers say . Nevertheless, iOS 7 , Apple has simplified the procedure of embedding , so versatile keyboard can appear in many programs and text messengers .

” With each new iOS amount of work that needs to be done to create an SDK, decreases – told Fleksy Ioannis Verdelis . – At the moment we are working to simplify the integration of our keyboards with applications in iOS 7. While the keyboard is available only in a few programs, but we hope that this number will grow rapidly . ” said  The Verge.

One of the first iOS- application in which there is a keyboard,  Fleksy launcher Launch Center Pro. Thanks to this development on the iPhone , you can use shortcuts for quick access to subscribers , set SMS, opening your favorite web sites, search on Google, creating e-mail messages , and more. Fleksy is available now in the App Store

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