iOS 7 developers now have the opportunity to replace the standard keyboard. However, there is a limit – use Customise key block can only be within your own application . Developers keypad Fleksy offered a universal solution that can appear in all popular instant messengers , email clients and applications for social networking iOS. Today they opened the SDK for all developers who can use Fleksy free in all their products.

Fleksy has many advantages compared with the standard iOS keyboard 7. It has a predictive function and auto- advanced , which allows for high speed printing. In addition, it actively used gestures. For example, to enter a space and move to the next word is enough to make a ” swipe ” the right to remove – in the opposite direction . To scroll through the choices you need to scroll up and down , and to learn a new word , it is enough to whisk up once again .

Fleksy offers two types of keypads – QWERTY and classic version of a space , which turns on and off with a special gesture. Correction of text is also produced by special gestures. The keyboard automatically selects the appropriate option for the misspelled word in the most approximate form . Users can view a list of suggested words , by selecting the text and scrolling down . Placement of punctuation automatically put , worth just double tap the space bar or right.

Fleksy integration with other applications for iOS – a laborious process , the developers say . Nevertheless, iOS 7 simplified the procedure of embedding , so versatile keyboard can appear in many programs and text messengers .

” Today is an important day for us. Soon thousands of developers can move Fleksy magic in their applications , and completely free . We can not wait to see the reaction of the developer community. We are confident that Fleksy become standard keyboard for each application , “- said the head of Costa Eleferi .

One of the first iOS- application in which there was the keyboard Fleksy launcher Launch Center Pro. Thanks to this development on the iPhone , you can use shortcuts for quick access to subscribers , set SMS, opening your favorite web sites, search on Google, creating e-mail messages , and more.

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