FlipControlCenterThe release of FlipControlCenter – one of the most anticipated tweaks for iOS 7. Using FlipControlCenter developed by well-known jailbreak-developer Ryan petrich, you can configure the control Point.

We’ve already talked about FlipControlCenter in our previous article. After installation on a jailbroken gadget this tweak allows you to manage the buttons control panel. By default, Apple added here only five functions – Wi-Fi, flight mode, Bluetooth, do Not disturb and rotation Lock and four application Flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Luggage. Thanks FlipControlCenter through a standard panel iOS 7, you can manage almost all system parameters iOS.

Configuration is made from separate menu FlipControlSwitch. From here you can choose the toggle switches, which should be the control Point on the desktop and on the lock screen, and adjust the number of simultaneously displayed buttons. Submenu Active Switch has 16 function switches.


Checklist of buttons appropriate with FlipControlCenter:


Lock monitor rotation
Cell knowledgeDon’t disturb
Discovery provider
Aircraft mode
FlipControlCenter now not handiest provides a brand new button to the regulate, but in addition lets in to extend the choice of concurrently to be had switches. At some point, Petrich is planning to enforce a possibility to put within the gadget menu additionally arbitrary software icons.

When you have jailbroken device, you should definitely use FlipControlCenter. To try this, add Cydia repository Ryan Petrich http://rpetri.ch/repo/. This tweak may also be downloaded completely free.

FlipControlCenter is on hand on gadgets operating iOS 7 jailbroken. On fashions with an A7 add-in remains to be now not working. Jailbreak iOS 7 use the Evasi0n 7.

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