FloJack: NFC plug-in for iPhone and iPad




Many Android phones and Windows Phone uses a  NFC technology. With just a touch, users can reserve a table at a restaurant, or a smart posters link to a web site, or other NFC-devices to share content (pictures or video). Apple products do not yet have support for NFC. However, thanks to the removable module FloJack, it is no longer a problem.

FloJack – this is a relatively inexpensive way to turn your iPhone or iPad to a compatible device with NFC technology. Compact unit, thanks to the efforts of Flomio, has dimensions of 58 x 43 x 10,3 mm and weighs 28 grams and is connected to the headphone output iDevices. FloJack removable rear cover, so that the user can change the battery when it is discharged. According to the developers the battery life is about one year.

Together with a special application designed FloJack NFC Actions App, which allows iPhone and iPad to work with NFC-tags. Devaysa authors argue that it is able to read almost all the NFC-tags (types 1,2,3 and 4), and other relevant standards ISO 14443A / B, ISO 15693 and ISO 18092.

«Apple integrates NFC in the iPad and iPhone in the near future. We hope so. Our company aims at a short period of time to patch up the gaping hole, which appeared on the market. We will allow the owners of “fruit” of gadgets to take advantage of NFC today “- say in Flomio.

The project collects new enhancement necessary for the start of production with the amount of Portal Kickstarter. for the one wanting to donate, early bird pledge is to $39 . Exit FloJack market is predicted in March 2013.

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