This has resulted in terrible battery efficiency as has been skilled by means of many customers. Some customers have additionally complained about their instrument turning into highly regarded when in use.

When you haven't unlocked your iPhone but, following the  iOS four.1 / four.2.1  ultrasnow unlocking by Dev-Team. Many users have found that excessive consumption of battery.

Sheriff Hashim, author of iphone unlocking responds to this concern and attempts to reassure.


In a long commentary on the blog of the dev-team, he explained the reason for the high consumption and provides elements of resolutions.


The problem is that with this new iPad baseband (06.15.00) , your device tries to retrieve the certificates for the push at all times and constantly …

He proposed three solutions to the problem:

1. Activate the iPhone through iTunes after a restore with the sim card of the official apparatus.

2. Disable 3G and Wi-Fi via SBSettings when it is not useful (cf. He did not mention Auto 3G but it is a good solution)

3. sbingner Wait for the developer, so a tweak that will solve the problem completely.

Info. Disable Push Notification not solve the problem …

We recommend to follow Sheriff Hashim's advice until the tweak is available.

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