NokiaForbes argue that three years later, Windows Phone mobile platform by popularity overtake iOS. If the forecast proves correct , the 2016 brainchild of Microsoft released the second place in the rankings after the operating system Android.

Currently heads the segment of mobile platforms ” OS” Google, second in popularity – iOS, and closes the top three with a large backlog of them Windows Phone. Three years later, the situation will change , say in Forbes.

Analysts’ forecasts are based , primarily , on the growth of the operating system Microsoft. During the last year, sales of smartphones based on Windows Phone increased by 156% . For comparison, the same figure was 51 Android %, iOS – 25,6%.

As potential markets for phones running Windows Phone experts see developing countries . There OS already well positioned , with the iPhone sold worse. In addition, Microsoft promises to bring a single platform for a variety of devices , making it easier for developers to create cross- platform software .

Recently, the agency’s analysts Kantar Worldpanel discovered that Home windows Cellphone has proven vital boom within the III quarter of 2013. WP- promoting smartphones in Europe have doubled in comparison with the identical length ultimate 12 months and reached 10.2 % of the market . Specialists observe that the principle issue of their boom is the demand for low value telephones Nokia.

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