Forbes Profiles with Comex: JailbreakMe Father


In its early August variation of the fortnightly Forbes spends a portrait Nicholas Allegra, (much) better known by the name of comex . Major player in the jailbreak scene, this young New Yorker of 19 years JailbreakMe responsibilities include system, which has repeatedly jailbreak iPhone and iPad from the browser.


From a rift in the management of fonts in PDF files by iOS, JailbreakMe can Unplumb iPhone,iPod touch  and iPad from the browser. For Allegra, looking for flaws in iOS is like the "replay of a duty of English", "you journey from one end to another in search of errors. I do not know why I seem so effective in this game. " Despite the best efforts of Apple, he has done it again: JailbreakMe 3.0 has the same effect from the same causes, and was used by about two million people.

This ability to find flaws and exploit them with an undeniable elegance surprised his peers. "I did not think someone could do a few years," said Charlie Miller, a security expert acknowledged that many times undermined OS X and iOS "and now it's done by a kid whose I've never heard of. It blew me. "Dino Dai Zovi, co-author of Mac Hacker's Handbook , a manual exploring the weaknesses of OS X, even says that the work is worthy of the best JailbreakMe hackers employed by governments, such as those developed Stuxnet: "It was probably five years ahead of them."

JailbreakMe mechanism that allows Allegra to go all the defenses of iOS could be used for malicious purposes. "It's scary. I use the same phone as everyone else, and it is absolutely not safe. "Explains the man who describes himself as an" Apple fanboy "and that views Android as" the enemy ".Although his status as gray hat is ambiguous to the point he was forced to recall that the jailbreak is legal under certain conditions in the United States, its intentions are indisputably "pure" version of each JailbreakMe, it has made ​​available a patch plugging the flaw he exploited.

"I think it's more the challenge than anything else," said he. If he became interested in hacking, it was able to … take screen shots in the game Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo Wii. That is how we move from learning the Visual Basic innocuous at the age of nine years unsealing devices iOS source of white hair in Cupertino ten years later …


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