The jailbreak is only available from one day but developers are already working very hard, bringing the unique features of some devices also on all others. Cydia is still adjusting to this new release, so there are many functions that have not been updated and do not function properly or give errors, but this does not happen Forcy. This application threatens to become a favorite of many fans Jailbreak, and that brings a very interesting feature which is only available on the iPhone and iPhone 6S / 6S Plus. If you click once on the camera icon, it will open as usual, but if you press a little harder a menu where you can choose if you want to make a selfie appears, record a video or record a video in slow motion among other options. 3D works using the capacitive touch screen sensors, which require special hardware, but the creator of Forcy has managed to emulate its performance and bring this function to any iPhone with Jailbreak.

For example, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro with iOS 9 can have the mode SlideOver and SplitView that divides the screen into two parts and allows you to use two applications at once. From today this function can also be extended to all previous iPad through jailbreak and Tweak called “Medusa for iPad”.


Turning the iPhone, we announce Forcy, a new tweak that active Shares Rapids of 3D touch even on older devices. The Quick Actions are the lists of functions that we can make it appear at the bottom of an icon. On new iPhone 6s everything is regulated with a stronger pressure on the screen, on older devices instead Forcy brings the same function simply by making a swipe upwards above the icons of applications supported.

Tweak Both are free and available in Cydia via the BigBoss repository.

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