The iPhone Facebook app is slow, uses WebViews and is therefore less smooth in mobile website. The information displayed is not always consistent and there are numerous bugs in the app. The New York Times recently promised that a much faster iPhone app will arrive in July.
Although the month of July is almost over and there's a new Facebook app in sight.

According to Bloomberg anonymous sources, The schedule for the release date is set for mid-2013. Probably provided the Facebook phone was still on release in this year, but other projects have to date, according to the sources first. Let's wait for few interesting conceptual designs for potential Facebook smartphone.

The New York Times reported in late May a fact that Facebook hired former Apple employees to develop their own Smartphone interface. Most likely for HTC. Now the project should be postponed to give more time to Taiwanese manufacturer. The reasons already contains the first indication that you should not expect a Facebook-phone: HTC has massive problems.

A Facebook phone could really only a beneficial for Facebook. A Facebook phone from HTC would have to offer something special, otherwise it would be interesting only for a small niche market.


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