Fornite Coming To Apple TV As tvOS Reference Found In Game Code


There have been some rumors about the possible arrival of the popular Fortnite game on Apple TV as tvOS, but now and after the announcement of the launch of the game for some of the Android devices (Galaxy Note 9 presentation), we have the news provided by StormLeaks, in which explains that Fortnite has a tvOS line in the code.

The arrival could be close and is that the game is totally valid for all platforms and tvOS with an external command would undoubtedly be a luxury for Apple TV users. One of the things we would like to many is to launch it during the keynote of next September with the appearance of the CEO of Epic Games on stage for example, and now it is possible.

The truth is that the game is available on almost all platforms, iOS, Android, Mac / PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, so if available for tvOS would be great. The bad thing is that to play the game will be necessary to have an external control, since the control of Apple TV would not be at all suitable for players and in this case the best could be the Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller that we find in the stores of Apple for about $50.

(Source: Storm – Fortnite Leaks [Twitter])

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