Four of the five highest paid executives work at Apple in the U.S

Four of the five highest paid executives work at Apple in the U.S

Apple executives are usually much more in the spotlight than the other companies. This may on the one hand, of course, the huge interest around Apple, on the other, the fact that many of them occur in keynotes phenomenon may be payable. As Bloomberg reports, but they are also paid quite well. Thus, four out of five of the highest paid executives of the Standard & Poor Top 500 companies have hired the California computer maker.

These four people are Bob Mansfield (Senior Vice President of Technologies) with 85.5 million, Bruce Sewell (chief lawyer) 69 million, Jeffrey Williams (Senior Vice President of Operations) with 68.7 million and of course Peter Oppenheimer (Chief Financial Officer). throughout with 68.6 million U.S. dollars Tim Cook will find themselves officially with $ 4.17 million to “only” 1,016 square again. But mainly because it is paid in shares of stock of the company, this number is not very meaningful. Steve Jobs in his time was long known that it has been for his work at Apple was only one dollar a year.

Moreover there is only Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (96.2 U.S. dollars) before the four Apple-flyers.

[via 9to5mac]

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