Foursquare is available on Windows Phone 7


This  knowledge that must please geo-region  followers that spend their time to test the entire locations they’re coming near. Foursquare , the famous social network that already has 10 million members , has just landed on the Marketplace . Although it is free.Anyone who has a mobile in Windows Phone 7 and waiting for this moment with great impatience will be able to celebrate. And know that writing these lines, c
rammed with a large tear of emotion is being rolled down my pale cheek.


And of course, the guy takes full advantage of the interface of the mobile platform of Microsoft . Several screens and succeed one another and allow you, in order, access to alllocations close to your position , your friend's profile , overall in your community or to places to explore . The set is graphically very neat, animations are fluid, but the list of locations near posed many problems in my HTC Mozart. It has been repeatedly
re-applying for them to appear.

Every place has a rather complete record. We can see its name, the type of place it is, its location on a map from Bing Maps , its mayor, the number of friends who went there, the place the photos that were taken and a lot of other things as the total number of "check-ins" combined. For each of these, it is obviously possible to "check" or share it by email or SMS.Same thing, you can also add a note and even stick a picture behind him. In case of problems(rather duplicated, closed misplaced on the map) , it is also possible to prevent teams Foursquare in a tape.

The same goes for our friends. Again, one can access their record and know all of them: the number of points they have accumulated, the badges they have released a list of their contacts and so on. As on other screens of the application, the information is properly structured and well development. We groped a little early, the time to find our brands, but you get used very quickly. To have had the opportunity to test Foursquare on the four main mobile platforms market (IOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone 7) , I can tell you that it really has nothing to envy from her peers. His only f
ault, ultimately it is the cut-ups in connection to the servers of the firm. 
It's a bit annoying but we expect that developers of the company will fix this in future versions of the application.

Well, now, what would be really great is that other publishers rush a little to adapt their applications to Windows Phone 7 . Rovio has already taken the plunge with Angry Birds, but in my case, those who really miss my HTC Mozart, it is obviously also Spotify + Google (though there it is easily explained) and Instagram. Casually and even if the competitors are iOS nibbling increasing market share, it's still the latter that seem to favor developers and end it a shame.

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