Fourth-Generation iPad Teardown Reveals LG Retina display, A6X Chip and more


ifixit-ipad-4-1Because of a feud with Samsung, Apple has decided not to buy her basic electronic components for their devices. iPad 4 tablet, in contrast to its predecessor, is equipped with a Retina display output from  LG, say iFixit experts, which specializes in repairs. Have repeatedly reported that Apple throws orders for parts with Samsung on other manufacturers.


Korean corporation is the main rival Apple in the smartphone market. In the I quarter of 2012 it took the top spot in terms of supply, shifting producer iPhone for second place. In August, Samsung has lost a lawsuit from Apple. The court found her guilty of copying the design of the iPhone and iPad, and ordered to pay a fine of $ 1.05 billion


In general, the layout of the new full-sized tablet corresponds to the third model iPad, except for certain features. So in addition to the display of another manufacturer, the fourth generation of the iPad uses Apple A6X processor with custom ARM-designed and four graphics cores. They are responsible for the work of the video system. Confirm the information and one gigabyte of built-in memory. The device comes with flash units from the company Hynix.

iPad 4 received the same battery capacity of 11,560 mAh / 43 Wh. However, the new model uses a connector Lightning, which means that the owners can not use the device periphery, which is designed for the previous version.


Apple offers a fourth-generation iPad on the related worth because the earlier model with a show Retina. Junior version pill with sixteen GB of reminiscence prices $499; whereas the fourth-gen iPad  4G/LTE community built-in prices $629.

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