The corporate Foxconn metropolis of Chengdu in China, which manufactures Apple iPad 2, suffered from  an explosion within the early night . Whereas the explanations for this case are nonetheless uncertain, MIC Gadget that reports information listing a dozen fire trucks and ambulances arrived on the scene at the time. 


Followed by ten more police cars. The latter took the opportunity to delineate the area and prohibit journalists from approaching, for a second explosion might occur.

The videos below were captured first by a local television station and an amateur for the second. As we can see smoke coming out of large buildings.

This video does not work on iPhone / iPad

According to preliminary reports, a dozen people have been injured. Two others would not have survived their injuries. Chinese police in turn reported that the explosion was caused by human error. A move that has shaken Foxconn.

After an explosion that took place yesterday at Foxconn, Apple tells All Things Digital that will address the topic with the Taiwanese company to know the causes of the tragedy. There are twenty-four hours, we learned that the party manufactures such as iPad 2 had suffered an explosion that would be on the agenda due to a person who allegedly mishandling.

Apple took the opportunity to leave a message to the victims by declaring that she was "deeply saddened "her thoughts" s are addressed directly to the victims and their families . "

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