Foxconn staff go on strike over renewed high quality regulate of iPhone 5



According to China Labor Watch Foxconn employees in the factory where the iPhone 5 is assembled again today went on strike. It would be about 3-4000 employees relate to one of the Foxconn factories in Zhengzhou (China), the reason for the strike, the quality that Apple allows for the production of the iPhone 5. The Chinese watchdog says that workers who are responsible for the quality control required to improve quality to a point that no longer meet the production deadlines could be meet.

Several employees who work on the production line of the iPhone 5 would today again surprised by the new demands of Apple. The article shows that the administration of Foxconn and Apple, despite a flawed design, again the quality requirements would have increased. It seems that Apple wants to ensure that there are no more scratches on the frame and rear to find. These new requirements would lead to an enormous pressure on workers. In addition to these new demands, workers would not take vacation during the upcoming holiday season. The combination of both would have led to the strike.

It seems that Apple has little appetite in more problems, at present, the company has already difficult enough with the cards service in iOS 6 was launched. Several messages that appeared shortly after the launch on the Internet showed that some iPhone’s been scratched out of the box had come. Not much later, said Phil Schiller that it is normal for aluminum scratches and the original silver layer displays.


The Foxconn factories not only for Apple products, but also for other companies like Dell and Hewlett-Packer. The company was currently more than 1.1 million employees have. Earlier this month, there would be even riots that have broken out among 2,000 workers after a battle would have been between a guard and a worker.[via BGR]

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