Shoppers should watch for the iPhone 5 to be launched, says Foxconn CEO Terry Gou. The following technology iPhone will be sure that the Samsung Galaxy S III is a shameful show. Gou did his exceptional statements on the annual assembly for shareholders of mother or father firm Hon Hay.It’s the first time that a CEO who so intently within the manufacturing of the iPhone in query is referred to as "iPhone 5 'calls.


China Times quoted even more remarkable statements from the mouth of Gou. So he would hate to have Samsung as life itself and have set aside for Samsung. He also receives a schedule in mind: a collaboration with Sharp must go work out in 3 to 5 years.

Hon Hai is not dependent on Samsung, they have plenty of other customers. They make not only the iPhone and iPad for Apple, but Microsoft's Xbox and Sony PlayStation. In addition, they produce the HD displays for 8-Windows devices, perhaps the newly unveiled windows Surface tablets.Gou loves the Japanese and pleased to be working with Sharp, in particular the fact that the Japanese approach of keeping and good communication style. 


They do not attack you from behind, like the Koreans, find Gou. The collaboration with Sharp will lead to include a new production for television, which Hon Hai's headquarters in New Taipei are furnished. Which is intended for a possible future HDTV from Apple.


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