With 143 grams and 192 grams, the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus models are the heaviest of all time. Guilt is not so much the new 7000 Alumium, but especially the 3D touch display.

Whopping 80 grams between the lightest and heaviest iPhone yet. The record for the lightweight keeps the iPhone 5 with only 112 grams, the current record holder is the new iPhone 6s Plus with 192 grams. But even the little brother iPhone 6s brings nevertheless still 143 grams on the scale.

One reason for the weight-tsunami, or at least for the significant weight gain from model to model so far has been, of course, the growing display and housing size, devouring more material.

But other innovations in the current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus can be the knocking out of balance by more than ten percent upward noticeable: First, the new aluminum chassis from a 7000 alloy – the prevention of the Bendgate brings, however, according to Apple only 2 grams extra.

Particularly overweight is the 3D-touch feature, the additional capacitive pressure sensor weighs the display (without the glass screen) is now 29 grams instead of the previous 12 grams. Overall, the iPhone 6s has increased by 14 grams compared to the previous model iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus there are 20 grams compared to the iPhone 6 Plus.

Particularly significant falls when iPhone 6s Plus the way the battery: 43 grams weighs the current memory more than a quarter, the iPhone 6.

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