On this occasion, and how could it be otherwise after the casing and motherboard leaked, we can see some photos in which the front panel of the iPhone 6s.

The two images have been collected by someone who also says that the iPhone parts are already in production and ready to be sent to factories where the iPhone 6s are mounted in silver and gold. As you can see, the front panel is traced to current models, as is customary in each model “S”, which have the same design as the previous model, at best, very slight changes


Photos are from the French website NowhereElse.fr (Google Translate), which mentions that his source can not confirm whether the panel includes sapphire or be compatible with the Force Touch. It is expected that the iPhone 6s Force Touch Yes to include, but is unlikely to be included in the sapphire front panel. Gorilla Glass is the one who has all the ballots to be the year that Apple includes in the iPhone glass.

Besides the iPhone 6s Force Touch, expected to arrive with the A9 processor, 12-megapixel camera, an improved Touch ID, 2GB of RAM, 7000 series aluminum that is 60% stronger than traditional aluminum and a new color which will be the rose gold is already present in Apple Watch Edition and, according to some analysts, it will also come to future Sport models.

iPhone-6s-front-panel-NowhereElse-leak-002It’s a matter of days someone to get a front panel of an iPhone 6s and start doing regular resistance tests. Although, when videos appear, I do not think they are able to tell us the material they are built and moreover, it is always impossible to scratch glass until it falls into our pockets. Only Apple can confirm whether or not there sapphire next September.

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