The latest iPhone rumors have begun to mention that the new iPhone would integrate an NFC chip to be the first device from the company to use the new mobile payment system from Apple.

This can be a good decision by the company and could generate a big boost this method of mobile payments. Although, for example, Android has had this kind of technology since 2010 (with the Nexus S), few people actually use it. The most useful I’ve found it has to pair accessories or use NFC tags allow you to change settings or automatically enabled applications, but mobile payments represent the largest business in the integration of this technology.

Apple has the advantage of having the credit cards of the thousands of millions of users who have their devices. This could allow you to facilitate use of your system, since users would not need to re-enter all your data, but the card information longer be available.

Button on the right edge

For years, we have seen multiple cell that have their button on the right edge, but Apple has kept its button on the top. Rumors have indicated that the new iPhone 6 (or new) integrate this button on the right edge of the device.

Actually, this is a logical change, mainly by increasing the size of the screens. In my experience, it is much easier to unlock a cell in which the upper side edge portion. Although it’s a tiny change, I consider it a suitable change.

Other things that Apple will continue avoiding
These are exciting changes that show a shift in the strategy of the company, which has always tried to remain true to its philosophy. Generally, Apple is not much focus on market trends and the opportunities detected.

However, there are other aspects that we do not expect the iPhone 6, but they are something we see today in some cell on the market. However, not completely rule out a future iPhone.

microSD slot

Among the main features that Apple continues to avoid is the microSD card slot. For many years, a variety of cellular offer this kind of slot to expand memory storage. This can be very useful if you like to keep your music, photos and videos on the device, especially applications and games increasingly occupy storage space.

wireless charging

The wireless charging has been another trend that has begun to take off for a few years, but it’s something that probably will not see the iPhone 6 Currently, we can find a variety of cellular offering this kind of function, including the Nexus 5 and Nokia Lumia Icon.

Water Resistance

Can you have wet your iPhone? It would be great if the iPhone 6 out waterproof. Currently, we have several phones that have this feature, including the Sony Xperia Z2, Z3 Xperia and Samsung Galaxy S5, but has not been rumored a lot about the possibility that the iPhone 6 will not be afraid to go overboard. There is a possibility that the next iPhone be waterproof, but are more likely to see this in another version of the iPhone, not this year.

Infrared emitter

One HTC phones like the LG M8 and G3 allow you to control your home TV and other devices via an infrared emitter. You just set your phone to work with the model of your TV and you can use the phone as if it were a universal control. This trend has increased in recent years, but I doubt that Apple take this road with the iPhone 6.

Faster Wi-Fi (802.11ac)

We have seen in multiple devices with Android and Windows Phone wireless connectivity standard (802.11ac) offered by Apple on the iPhone 5S, and 5 (802.11n). It is likely that the iPhone 6 have this feature delivers faster Web browsing, but have not heard any rumors about this.


If the rumors are true, everything seems to indicate that Apple has begun to take more account of their competence, integrating technology that has been present in other devices for several years and something that could indicate some features we could see in a future iPhone . Something that shows the course of business are different iOS News 8 have already existed in Android for a while and will be doing part of the new iPhone.

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