One of the problems that users now have the iPhone 5 is that some applications have not been updated to take advantage of the new screen size. This due to the irresponsibility of the developers of course, but with Cydia Jailbreak + anything is possible.

FullForce is created by Ryan Petrich tweak that allows you to stretch these applications automatically to take advantage of the new screen. After installing it (via Cydia $ .99) to open an application that has not yet been updated to support the iPhone screen 5, FullForce issue a warning if you want to apply as “Tall” to it. This option can be reversed later in the settings.


FullForce has a panel in the Settings app of iOS you can select the apps you want to apply in full screen mode or if you want to remove it you applied. The good thing is that before FullForce display the list of applications, this scans your phone briefly to only show those that have not been updated.

If you look at the screenshot below to see that I have marked BPPR fullscreen. I have also applications you use every day like Speedtest and Pastebot .


 Anyway, there are other free alternatives in Cydia as screenextender (this I could not ever use) so I went and bought FullForce. You can add it in Cydia for the mere cost of $0.99.


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