Apple can be working with the corporate deploys a new type of SIM card development. It plans to eliminate buying the iPhone from the mobile operators, according to GigaOM.

Details of the report indicates that Apple and Gemalto, a manufacturer of SIM, would be developing a custom SIM card to come built intoPhone all future phones iPhone.


The purpose of this card is to allow users to buy the i App Store directly from the online or retail stores, then, as the preference, select the mobile operator with which to activate the iPhone

In this way, it does simplify the whole sales process and distribution of the iPhone

This SIM card will have a switch application-enabled mobile operators. And besides, a ROM component with data from the network (security and infrastructure) and Flash memory upgradeable to data from the selected operator

Apparently this new mechanism is aimed at Europe, a continent with multiple mobile operators distributing the iPhone.

It should be noted that el Google's original plan with the Nexus One was the same as Apple now arises, but for unknown reasons the Internet giant failed.

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