G-Shock: New iPhone Compatible Watch Announced By Casio


The primary stable fashionable line of watches Casio G-Shock integrated with Bluetooth appeared in March. They were focused on the Japanese market and have worked exclusively with Japanese Android-smartphones. The two new models – GB-5600AA and GB-6900AA has not yet been announced, but they are already compatible with the iPhone 4S.


In appearance watches are similar to other G-Shock, but inside them, a module Bluetooth, and not just Bluetooth, a power-saving Bluetooth 4.0. After connecting to the  iPhone 4S on the clock you can set alerts for incoming calls, new iMessage or email. Alerts can be of two types: sound or vibration.

from the press release:

“The G-SHOCK line of watches is always evolving in terms of technology and performance innovation. This time, G-SHOCK has taken another step forward by incorporating Bluetooth v4.0 into this new model, which features the round-shaped design popular in the G-SHOCK brand around the world.

This new watch communicates with the iPhone to perform various functions such as notifying the wearer of incoming calls and enabling iPhone alarm and vibration functions from the watch button. In addition, the watch can automatically adjust itself to exact time according to different time zones by synchronizing itself to time data received from the iPhone.”

When it comes to the iPhone Push-notification messages, the device sends a bluetooth signal on the clock  and they either vibrate or make sounds, or both. Forgot your smartphone on a table in a cafe? When you leave,  thwe watch "feel" that the signal becomes weaker and will notify you.

Plus another useful function, which is a local analogue Find my iPhone: with G-Shock can resume the sound and vibration of the phone. This is not Pebble of course but the list of features is quite good. By the way, fans of the purely "time" functional useful time synchronization between the two devices.

It is gratifying that the prominent watch  has been finally included in the market of wireless technology.  To be on sale in the Japanese market in October (model GB-6900AA) and November (GB-5600AA). Cost – 18,000 yen, or something around $230.


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