Galaxy Nexus performance Compared to the iPhone 4S


You almost certainly already recognize that  the Samsung Nexus Galaxy, made ​​in robust cooperation with Google, is on hand on the market given that remaining Thursday . The primary benchmarks made ​​already operating on the internet, and are extra flattering for the primary smartphone to take advantage of Ice Cream Sandwich.


Thus, its SunSpider score (Javascript) and Rightware BrowserMark (Internet Browser) is higher than that of the iPhone 4S, synonymous with surfing speed faster in theory. Do not forget that these differences are very small in normal use, the speed depends more on the quality of connection.


However, positive for the iPhone 4S, which is doing much better than its competitor in terms of graphics tests.



The full test of our colleagues from AnandTech also shows that all his performances on the rise is mainly the result of Android 4.0. Google begins there to understand the adequacy of hardware and software is more important than the power components (proof is that the iPhone 4S doing very handil
y over at least some phones 3 times more powerful …)?


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