Another Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire While Charging



Do not stop to get news about various devices Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just exploding instantly and for no apparent reason. That is why Samsung has decided to stop shipments of some units of the device while trying to clarify the matter. Devices containing lithium batteries explode is nothing new, especially because lithium is a highly flammable material. However, what starts to smell fishy here is precisely so that this case is so common in fresh from the box of devices. Samsung is taking action on the matter to clarify the cause.

We thought at first time that these incidents were being caused because adapters microUSB to USB-C who were using some users, but it seems that the problem goes much further. Meanwhile, Samsung has discouraged completely charge your devices with any other accessories not included in the box, however, are also considering their own adapters if they had a bad roll made that was causing these problems. On the other hand, and from my point of view, the temperature is still the key, and it may be overheating while charging the device who is causing all this tangle of misfortunes.

Meanwhile, we emphasize the importance of not using these types of adapters microUSB to USB-C for a while, it’s not worth destroying a device eight hundred euros to save “four hard” in cables. Similarly, we remind users of iOS that such chargers dubious disaster has also caused Apple devices, so we do not recommend them at all. The average The Korea Herald has issued a statement indicating the same guidelines to users, especially because these explosions can cause serious damage to people and houses.

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