A spokesman for Southwest Airlines has confirmed the evacuation of one of its flights to fire a Galaxy Note 7 replacement. No injuries. The Airlines company has confirmed the evacuation of one of its flights between the cities of Louisville and Baltimore to catch fire the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 one of the passengers. And worse: it was one of the replacement units that supposedly should pose no problem. A company spokesman has confirmed to the medium ‘The Verge’ not been injured since the incident took place during shipment.


The more than 75 passengers and crew left the ship because of the smoke coming from the mobile. The owner of the ‘smartphone’ ensures that the terminal was turned off as requested by the flight attendants and put it in his pocket. Then he began to release smoke and threw it to the ground, while a “strong gray-green smoke” rose to the surface. When the passenger returned the plane to collect their belongings he could see that the device had burnt part of the carpet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note in July was 80% battery and according to the owner, has been charged only with wireless charging. The airline has canceled the flight and is relocating to passengers on other flights, while mobile has gone into the hands of the Louisville Fire Department. Its owner has already replaced by an iPhone 7. himself Kentucky fire service has confirmed that mobile Samsung was the cause of the fire.

The incident took place just one month after the airline began to request that the Galaxy Note 7 remain off aboard aircraft.
The reasons for the failure batteries Galaxy Note 7 are unclear, but likely due to some impurity inside the cell stack. The concern is that replacement units show the same problem. Samsung can not wake up from his nightmare.

(source: The Verge)

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