Galaxy Note 8 Design, Rear Fingerprint Sensor & More Revealed



Evleaks has shown an image that confirms all the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8: follows the lines of the Samsung Galaxy S8 keeping the fingerprint reader in the back and adds dual camera.

The historic smartphone filter Evan Blass (Evleaks) has shown in its Twitter account the best image-render to date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, after all rumors about covers, components like front glass, etc. The history of Blass is unquestionable, and often its leaks have as source the internal promotional images of the companies, as it seems in this occasion.

As it can be seen in the image, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, whose presentation will take place on August 23 in New York, follows the lines of design focused on the “Infinity Display” that debuted this year with the Samsung Galaxy S8, becoming In the main driver of the industry in terms of reducing the frames to its minimum expression. Like its younger brother, it includes a new button regarding previous models that will be used to summon to Bixby.

As expected, the dual rear camera finally debuts on a Galaxy, without even knowing what approach Samsung is going to give you, whether it will opt for monochrome, wide-angle, 2X or 3X optical zoom, etc. The other news that leaves the design is that it repeats the controversial (and for many uncomfortable) location of the reader of prints in the back, before the temporary impossibility of including it under the glass, despite the advances of the industry in that sense.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also comes, of course, with the accessory that defines it and gives it its name, the S-Pen. The size of the device is, in principle, only 0.1 “higher than the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, which is definitely behind the identification of the Note as” giant “devices compared to their smaller siblings.

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