Galaxy S II Assessment: the brand new Samsung smartphone Take a look at!


After the plain success of the primary title Galaxy S, you can actually predict that Samsung heals over. The producer has now not overlooked the boat: on paper, the brand new Galaxy S II is just not disapointing.

Excessive tech With its processor double coronary heart, its monitor AMOLED Tremendous Plus and its eight-megapixel digital camera, this Smartphone is enjoying within the giant leagues. Apply confirms she the proper symptoms? That is exactly what we see when checking out what could turn into the following hit of the yr.


On the upper part: video camera, proximity sensor and light, and inner ear.


At the foot of the screen, There Is a physical button (home button) Supplemented by Two touch buttons (menu and back) That illuminates When The key (configurable in the options menu).


Galaxy S II viewed from the front. At first contact, we are surprised by the lightness (battery included) and the smoothness of the mobile. After ignition, we see the quality of the screen AMOLED Super Plus. Some like Will, Others May feel That the colors are too "flashy"


The back of a IS made ​​very thin plastic shell (see 6èmme photo) Covered with bumps That evoke the rigid area of a canvas. It Was Also found at the back the camera 8 megapixel autofocus camera with flash.

Amoled-ihelplounge-photo At first contact, we are surprised by the lightness (battery included) and the smoothness of the mobile. The slightly curved bottom gives the terminal a good grip. After ignition, we see the quality of the screen AMOLED Super Plus. Some will like, others may feel that the colors are too "flashy" At the bottom of the screen, there is a ph
ysical button (home button) supplemented by two touch buttons (menu and back) that light up Touch (configurable in the options menu). The imminent arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich seems to have been planned: Once off, the icons of the buttons are completely invisible. The next update to the Android system should mark the end of the control keys: as the current HoneyComb, variant shelf system, which integrates the display. The back of the unit consists of a very thin plastic shell (see photo) covered with bumps that evoke the rigid surface of a canvas. If the set does not exactly inspire confidence, contact nonetheless enjoyable. It was also at the back found the camera 8 megapixel autofocus camera with flash. As for the HDMI output, the Galaxy S2 standard is based on the MHL. It is therefore necessary to connect a compatible HDTV cable optional (see photo cons) into the micro USB terminal (like HTC and HTC Flyer Sensation). 

The Galaxy S is powered by a dual heart Orion clocked at 1.2 GHz (Samsung Exynos 4210). As we will see during the test, the frequency is the same as the other two Tegra Qualcomm MSM 8260 Snapdragon (HTC Sensation) double heart, but the performances seem to be a cut above the competition.

Display side, we also note the presence of a screen Super Plus 4.3-inch AMOLED. Compared to the previous generation (Super AMOLED), this new technology increases the number of sub pixels, which can make the image even finer and more fluid. We still regret that the resolution has not evolved since the previous generation (480 x 800 x 540 against 960 for the HTC Sensation). We also note that Samsung continues its efforts to stand out from the competition in the multimedia. The Galaxy S acquires an 8-megapixel autofocus camera with flash. Not content to offer a good quality picture, it can also be used to capture clips in 1080p (see paragraph on camera). To close the chapter, Samsung does not break with their habits and still offers a small integrated FM tuner. For communications, in addition to GSM circuit edge/3g the Galaxy S2 is equipped with a chip and a Bluetoot
h 3.0 connection without Wi-Fi 802.11 a / ​​g / b / n (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz).

TouchWiz 4.0 interface 

With the Galaxy S2, Samsung developed its TouchWiz layer that passes the time in version 4.0. This always draws IOS (as Galaxy and S Wave Samsung). We thus find a dock (4 icons) and a menu of programs that the panels scroll from left to right. Android requires, the whole is completed with 7 virtual desktops on which it is possible to place one or more of the many widgets specifically developed by Samsung (the latter in addition to conventional Widget Android). In the end, the interface is very responsive, it is accompanied by many additional programs, and improves the overall usability of Android.


Talk about being clear with unparalleled responsiveness, the Web browser of S2 buries Galaxy competition all platforms combined. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we can say that the performance offered by the new terminal at Samsung have no equal on mobile today. If you wanted to add a touch of irony, one might even say that Chrome Lite is almost too fast. Here, the slightest impulse of the finger scroll any page at any speed!

Knowing that Web browsing is one of the most resource-intensive system (the more so when the flash is enabled), it is clear that the chip double heart Orion Samsung's really in the belly!

Side features the classic plus a multi-zoom zoom based on the accelerometer. To activate, you have to put both thumbs on the screen, and tilt the phone up and down. The gesture is not really natural, it comes back fast enough to the original. However, we appreciate the tab system revisited able to accommodate up to eight pages (as against 4 for the HTC Sensation).

As for the famous Adobe Flash, we note that the low-resolution videos are played without any problems. In HD, some Flash spend with perfect fluidity, which is a small feat when you consider that we are talking about a mobile phone. But Flash HD to the demonstration site of Adobe(streamFlash HD)pose some difficulties. In this case, the flow is not perfect, and sometimes the cuts there. The result is readable (no gap between sound and image). Currently, the Galaxy S2 is the terminal that offers the best performance in reading Flash.


Samsung has provided special care to the player. In the list of options, it retains many profiles EQ (7) plus a custom profile which enables it to act manually on 8 EQ tone. As if this were not enough, Samsung has added six sound effects that can be combined with the equalizer! More difficult to complete.

This player also supports playlists, the DLNA (via AllShare), music sharing (via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gmail, MMS), and to create a custom ringtone from a music track. Only very average quality headphones fish a little. Music lovers will replace them quickly with a good quality headset.


Stereo headset supplied by Samsung

In addition, Samsung offers a small FM tuner works pretty well. The Tuning takes place very rapidly and several stations can be stored in a favorites list. For everything to work, a wired headset (which then acts as an antenna) must be connected to the terminal. However, it is not possible to record one station in the memory of the phone.


For video playback, the words "Multi Codec Divx Xvid" printed on the box says it all. MKV to MP4 via Divx along with its variants, the Galaxy S 2 represents a clear round! Hats off to Samsung, which does not deceive us about the goods. The fluidity in HD MKV is simply perfect, and jumps in the video file are made instantly. Bluffing.

Note: The storage space can not be other than FAT 32 formatted, so do not expect to upload videos of more than 4 GB We must therefore cut the MKV which may exceed the volume limit. Regarding limitation of 4GB, it was thought to have a way out by using the MTP mode (not compatible with Mac OS). Early indicators were encouraging: contrary to what had been seen with Xoom (Android 3.0), Windows Explorer is willing to copy the files with the MKV without complaining. At first glance, it also passes the pitfall of 4 GB Fat 32 mode, but in the final copy, we see that the files were not copied correctly (see screenshot below) …

For playback, Samsung offers Reader Hub, a three in one application that allows for downloads of newspapers, magazines, and electronic books. The first subroutine is called Press Reader. Here you can access a kiosk that offers eight newspapers in French among which are The World 

As for magazines, it takes on Zinio, which offers a much wider choice. However, the application is fairly basic. When browsing a category, all languages ​​are mixed. The booth eBook is simply Kobo, a service that is limited to works written in the language of Shakespeare. In short, whatever the category is left wanting.

Capture photos and video 


The Galaxy S2 is equipped with a 8-megapixel photo sensor with flash. As a maximum, the layer image produced pictures of 3264 x 2448 pixels whose size varies between 2.5 and 3.5 Mo. As usual, Samsung treats the part photo. The pictures are detailed and the colors are true. From a cliché to another, one can still see a slight blur, but in all cases, the result is in an excellent average (on this point, it also exceeds the HTC Sensation).

Layer picture has many options. In the lot, we note the face detection, the timer, the GPS location and the effects (negative, black and white, sepia)

For video capture, after brilliantly the cap of 720p Wave Galaxy and S, we entered a new phase with the support of 1920 x 1080. When one chooses the maximum quality, the videos are crisp, ultra-smooth (30 fps, AVC streams contained in an MP4 file). The only downside inevitable: it takes 136 MB / minute when you opt for the full HD. To maintain a high quality while avoiding too quickly saturate the memory, you can select the 1280 x 720. Whether it is in 1080p or 720p, the video quality is convincing. The Galaxy S2 again confirms its supremacy in the field of multimedia.

No need to beat around the bush, the Galaxy S2 is the bomb that was expected. While the frequency of double heart Orion clocked at 1.2 GHz (Samsung Exynos 4210) is identical to the competition, the Samsung processor seems to offer better performance. For the Web (one o
f the most resource-intensive), the clear distance S Galaxy competition. 
The experience of surfing is just one of the best that we have been able to observe on mobile to date.The interface also take this power: it appears smooth and pleasant to take over (with TouchWiz 4.0). As if this were not enough, Samsung drives the point home with all areas regarding the multimedia capabilities . The music player is complete, the video player offers a near-total compatibility including HD MKV. Finally the camera works well in both picture and video. It could not be complete: it only needs taking care of formatting does support files larger than 4GB (for video) to near perfection. As for the small regrets, even if the rendering of the screen is beautiful (Super Plus requires AMOLED), we would still have preferred that the resolution has evolved over the previous generation. The
n comes the issue of autonomy, ransom impressive performance of the terminal. 
In this field, the Galaxy S is a notch below the HTC Sensation. We must therefore avoid abusing the push and other energy-hungry gadgets. Despite this, the Galaxy S II poses two main questions for fans of the genre: "where to get and at what price? ".

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