It's been a busy few weeks – we've simply put to mattress the iPad three after its a success launch (minus the purported heatgate concerns) and now it's time for the Galaxy S III to take a turn on the rumour mill. We've heard quite a few interesting titbits this week, so let's have a look at 'em.

Quad-core Exynos chipset

According to the Korea Times, Samsung is trying to make itself less reliant on chip-maker Qualcomm, who provide the vast majority of Samsung's high-end chipsets. They're doing this by designing and fabricating their own chips, albeit ones also based on the same ARM frameworks that Qualcomm use.

One of these chips may be put to use in the Samsung Galaxy S III. According to the rumour, the phone will ship with an Exynos processor running on four cores. The chipset will also include LTE and WCDMA network connectivity, features that are becoming increasingly important in the mobile market.

According to the executive quoted in the Times, the new chip is ready to go and only needs to be placed in an appropriate phone.

Inductive charging

Another Korean publication, the DDaily, is reporting that the Galaxy S III will come with inductive charging capabilities standard. The technology allows devices to be charged wirelessly, and Samsung's proprietary variant is reportedly capable of doing so at distances of up to two meters.

Samsung have always been at the forefront of mobile technologies along these lines, what with their early adoption of wireless syncing and MHL-based HDTV connectivity, so wireless charging isn't an unthinkable inclusion for the S III.

April release date

According to Samsung's president of Greater China operations, Kim Young-Ha, the Galaxy S III's release date has been pushed forward from May to April. The move was made in order to more aggressively target the massively important Chinese market, where Windows Phones have just launched for the first time.


All in all, it's a very exciting time to be a Samsung fan. If you were thinking of picking up a Galaxy Nexus, then it might be a good idea to wait just a little bit longer to see if the Galaxy S III really is in the pipeline for an April release.

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