Hackers have set their sights on mobile devices recently, increasingly more and more sensitive transactions made through these devices, leaving aside traditional PCs, is why companies around the world rush to tune their applications for mobile devices, increasing the safety of its users.

The Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are at the forefront of technical specifications with its eight-core Exynos processor and features such as wireless charging, 16MP rear camera and S6 Edge curved screen, but Samsung does not stops and is looking at the cutting edge for safety.

The company already has its own KNOX program that seeks to increase the security of our data now has partnered with Intel Security for all users of the Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge enjoy the security of an application such as McAfee VirusScan Mobile. The VirusScan Mobile application will be preinstalled as standard and prevent users having to worry about malware or viruses in case they encounter hackers or malware attacks through web pages. The McAfee VirusScan application is free.

Android devices have had to endure the taunts of iOS users in recent years, with some Apple executives Phil Schiller mocking them through Twitter with comments like “go gently around” a clear reference to Android. So with the installation serial Pay payment system Samsung, the South Korean company does not want to gamble and seeks to convey from day one image that your phone is safe and security has no cracks.

And the truth is that the association of Samsung with Intel Security could not come at a better time, as both Android and iOS have suffered lately a vulnerability known as “FREAK” that after having visited according to government web could result in remote attack related safety certificates mobile browsers. And while some browsers like Google Chrome are free of this vulnerability, other Android OS or Apple Safari (both mobile and computer) if you are susceptible to infection. Apple plans to release a patch for Mac OS and iOS next week, but Android OEM could take longer.

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