Recently, Samsung has introduced its new flagship smartphone at MWC 2015 last, the Galaxy S6, a device with a stunning design and with the most enviable performance. That is why, we have seen fit to make a complete comparison between the Galaxy and iPhone 6 S6 Plus, the new smartphone from Apple.

So then we will compare in depth what features of iPhone 6 Plus and what the Galaxy S6 allowing us to conclude which of the two devices is better in theory, since in practice the result can be very different, depending on the performance of hardware and software especially since iOS and Android are two completely different operating systems.



The design of the iPhone 6 Plus is simply spectacular, like its little brother the iPhone 6. It has rounded edges giving the device a much more modern than previous generations, touch and a Home button more impressive because of its Touch ID spectacular ring capable of identifying fingerprints.

Even if you have a huge 5.5-inch screen, the device is really comfortable to use with one hand because Apple has moved the button lock / unlock the right side, allowing us to access it easily. It also has a unique feature of iOS 8 wherein hitting the Home button twice, the screen down to half being much more accessible when using the smartphone with one hand.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S6 noteworthy that, finally, the Korean company has shelved the plastic to welcome the metal and glass, significantly improving the appearance and design of the device. The buttons on and off still in the same place (right side) and the truth is that roughly bears a strong resemblance to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Furthermore, awaits inside an interesting novelty (or not) that allows us to insert micro SD card through a slot on its side. This new feature can like it or not users, but there were many more options because the Galaxy S6 and not be “opened” to access the battery or the like.

One aspect in design that has been most criticized the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is that the rear camera stand out from the device body, however, it appears that this aspect has given equal to Samsung who has done the same with its new Galaxy S6 … we’ll see what they think of it users.



As many of you know, the iPhone 6 Plus features a stunning 5.5 inch Retina display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a total of 326 ppi (dots per inch). However, those pixels seem few when compared with the new Galaxy S6, the which feature an impressive display of 5.1 inch qHD Super AMOLED with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and 556 ppi, simply stunning, SAMSUNG BRAVO !!



As mentioned above, the operating systems of both devices are incredibly different and everyone needs a totally different hardware requirements. The iPhone 6 Plus features the latest version of iOS, iOS 8.2, offering full synchronization with Apple Watch the Cupertino company and Apple Pay, Car Play and more.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has the latest version of Android Lollipop and Material Design. Note that TouchWiz has obtained certain enhancements, as they have removed some bloatware that caused various errors and problems of instability in the device. So in this respect we can not find a clear winner, because for tastes … colors.


The iPhone 6 Plus battery has been remarkably improved than previous generations, providing 24 hours of battery life with normal use and can even reach 48 hours straight if we use it is more discreet.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is noteworthy that has a battery of 2,550 mAh, quietly coming to the end of the day and can reach more than 48 hours of iPhone 6 Plus. In addition, the smartphone Samsung a wireless charging feature.

Both the iPhone 6 Plus as the Samsung Galaxy S6 have a truly enviable performance. It is true that the purpose of hardware, the Galaxy S6 seems the clear winner in this comparison between the two devices, however, in practice the victory is not so clear. That’s because the iPhone 6 Plus, which needs much less to do the same or even more than Android OS devices.

To be fair, we should say that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a smartphone introduced during 2015, while the iPhone 6 Plus was introduced last 2014. So we should compare the new smartphone from Samsung with the future iPhone 7 for being entirely righteous. Still, the Galaxy S6 has yet to reach the market and expect feedback from users.

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