Top and bottom, right and left: New image material from the Galaxy S8 provides a complete view of all buttons and interfaces of the new smartphone flagship from Samsung. In contrast to the competition Samsung holds on a popular connection.

Although Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 on March 29 as part of an unpacked event – an unknown is the latest high-end smartphone of the South Korean manufacturer, but no more. From the technical data on the appearance is, very much to the sorrow of Samsung, already weeks before the presentation everything important about the Galaxy S8 is known.

Let’s start at the top of the SIM card slot. Again, the sled next to the slot for SIM cards should also offer a place for a microSD card, as the Galaxy S8 according to recent information according to a possibility to expand the memory. So it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Galaxy S6 without SD slot is probably a one-time slip-off. Beside the slot is obviously a microphone to be found.


On the underside is a 3.5 mm jack connector on the left. In contrast to the iPhone, Samsung holds the Galaxy S8 thus still at the popular port fixed. In addition, a modern USB-type C connector can be found. The days of Micro-USB seem to be counted at Samsung’s flagship series so. To the right, a microphone was placed, the loudspeaker is mounted on the far right.


For the left side of the case Samsung has the Galaxy S8 the volume rocker provided, it is therefore a continuous button. Below is a previously unknown button – it is rumored that this button activates the digital assistant “Bixby”. On the other hand, there is economy on the other hand. With the exception of the Power buttons, there is no other button here.

The connections and the button layout of the Galaxy S8 do not give big surprises. The fact that the Group holds on the 3.5 mm jack connector and integrates a modern USB-C port, but is welcome to cases.

(Source: Slashleaks)

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