Samsung Galaxy S8 To Have Bezel-Less Design Like iPhone 8 And Mi Mix



There have been rumors and leaks since the launch of the current generation, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 is increasingly getting closer to launch at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona – and the information begins to ‘pile up’. The latest thing has to do with its design, one of the key points considering that hardly changed anything regarding the Galaxy S6, and everything points to bet on a front without frames, like Xiaomi Mi Mix style.

On the other side of the ring, Apple maintains an iPhone 7 that, against the evolution of a whole sector, offer a ratio screen – front surface of 65.7%. This is already far exceeded by Samsung, which in the Galaxy S7 offered a ratio of 72.1%. Now with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 took another step forward reaching 78%, and above all these measures the Xiaomi Mi Mix has hit the table betting for a ratio of 83.6%. What does Samsung have to say to all this? Well, according to Bloomberg, the South Korean leader in consumer technology: ‘all screen’.

Indeed, Apple continues with an ‘obsolete’ design if we look at this ratio of front surface occupied by the screen, but it is true that with the ‘Home’ button of the iPhone 7 have given a first step to the integration of the fingerprint sensor And the functions of this control within the screen itself, something that is expected to happen with the iPhone 8. And if Samsung is ahead? As they say from Bloomberg, this is exactly what will happen, while the physical button on the front will disappear to give way in favor of a larger screen, and no bevel. An interesting fact, and even more so when we know that there will be a completely new personal voice assistant that will certainly assume important functions in the use of the device.

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