Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaked Packaging Revealed Few Surprising Details



Samsung’s new phone is about to be unveiled next month, but the leaks have been circulating on the web for a while now.  With Samsung fans eagerly awaiting for the unveiling of the new Android smartphone, the Galaxy S9. We already know that the new device will be unveiled at the MWC exhibition to be held next month in Barcelona, ​​but as we saw last year, every passing day is another day with leaks about the upcoming Android device. This time online reports claim that the leak packaging of the S9 reveals some interesting details, especially when it comes to the camera, which is going to attract quite a bit of attention at the upcoming event.

samsung packaging
Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 Box Picture

The Galaxy S9 camera will be similar to the camera of the Google pixel phone, but with pretty cool capabilities. The packaging that was revealed on the netnews website is ostensibly indicative of a number of interesting features to be expected from Samsung’s next device: First, it seems that Samsung may still not adopt a classic dual-camera system as we have seen in most manufacturers in recent years, Like pixel 2 that uses Machine Learning technology and pixel spacing to create a “blur” effect. In addition, the Samsung camera will have an interesting technology that allows it to switch between two relatively extreme aperture modes: F1.5 and F2.4. In this way, the camera can adapt itself to photography in low light conditions, and switch to photography in bright and strong light conditions to capture images optimally.

In addition to the interesting aperture, the box says that the device has super slow-mo photography capabilities, since slow motion photography is not innovative in most smartphones, it is probably a rumor confirmation from September that Samsung’s next smartphone will be able to shoot video at 1,000 frames per second. If these rumors were true, Samsung would have a pretty cool ability to show off at her upcoming exposure event.

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