Two days in the past, we post on our web page the primary benchmark for the iPhone 4S, which confirmed that the airplane used to be 2 instances sooner than its elder , the iPhone fourNowadays is the flip of Geekbench, to speak concerning the numbers. The web site publishes a brand new take a look at of the iPhone 4S, in comparison now not handiest to the iPhone four, however to all different units iOS .

Right here's abstract:

  Benchmark_iPhone4S_iOS, the editor, said: "The iPhone 4S is a score of 70% over the iPhone. "4 The 4S appears 20% less swift than the iPad 2 and 40% faster than the iPad 1. The benchmark results slightly less impressive than those by there is less than 48 hours, which shows a  4S iPhone twice as fast as the iPhone 4!  The 4S BrowserMark carries on a s
core of 89,567 points,  
twice  to 44,856 obtained by the iPhone 4.

On this new benchmark, the editor adds:  "These results confirm that the iPhone 4S embark only 512 MB ​​of RAM" . Thus, the site confirms that these results, slightly down compared to the iPad 2, are both due to slightly lower frequency of A5 embarked on the iPhone and its 4S amount of RAM lower . There is no doubt that these choices are strategic and allow the iPhone to avoid overheating and over-consumption. This is the battery that says thank you to the Apple engineer


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