Leaked Genius Bar training manual shows how Apple works


Have you ever ever been to an Apple Genius at the Apple Store? Then you might already know that all employees know exactly how you should deal with that at least they seem to think. You might think that the technical knowledge of iOS, Mac OSX and are perhaps the most important but nothing is less true. Apple sees the Geniuses as the face of the company, they are in fact the ones who have to deal with customers who are angry and disappointed because sometimes Apple product does not work the way they expect.

Gizmodo gave us a glimpse into the training of an Apple Genius, something Apple is not happy with , the two have been friends for a long time, not to each other after Gizmodo in April 2010 when a iPhone 4 prototype was spotted before the official release announcement. In the official Genius, students have to read the book, exactly what Apple employees have to deal with, though this fact is that the words Genius never allo
wed to use. In the next section, Genius should respond to certain situations. The instructions are detailed gestures, indicating, according to Apple, the willingness to buy, assessing options, suspicion or irritation visitor.

In addition, staff members are prohibited to say negative words to the products Apple – well, the word "break" should be changed to "not responding", "problem" – the "situation" and "incompatible" – to "does not work." In addition, according to the document, Apple products are not "too hot" and is "warm."

Did your computer crash? No, it "stops responding." Never say crash.
What if some Apple software has a bug? Wrong: there's an "issue," "condition," or simply "situation."
You do not "Eliminate" a problem-you "reduce" it.
No. Apple products are hot-at most they're "hot."

It is interesting to see that a Genius never allowed to speak about a problem and never allowed to apologize to the customer. Customers need to feel good about themselves and should not be forced to make purchases, they must have a good feeling that they leave the store at a later time come back.


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