GeoHot back to “hacking” this time with Root for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active



The Legendary hacker  “GeoHot” has back to the scene however this time and to everybody’s shock, the Root of Lively Samsung Galaxy S4.

hit up / activeroot in your tool
as a result of I am too new to publish hyperlinks
aiding for the following hour in # xda-devs on freenode
it is my first android root, be sort. comments welcome.

It is stunning as a result of everyone knows that he had all the time proven his talents with iOS and gave the impression to be an iPhone person of people who by no means alternate however the whole thing adjustments. Her most famed hack used to be the most recent Sony and PlayStation three that resulted in courtroom in a lawsuit reasonably massive.
For many who have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Energetic, understand you are able to do just by journeying root / activeroot from their phones and download the. Apk pressing the logo. Many say that this is the root of the story easier.
You can read more at XDA-Develoeprs /

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