GeoHot, the controversial iPhone hacker, after just a few months away has made up our minds to come back throughout the entrance door with the announcement of a jailbreak universal for all devices iOS 4.1 … all, all all (2G/3G/3GS/4 iPhone, iPod Touch 2G/3G/4G, IPAD) and untethered type jailbreak

Reportedly, GeoHot has succeeded in discovering an exploit low level in the IOS devices bootrom Apple…. The exploit is called limera1n and it is impossible for Apple to block it.

We did not expect this one. Geohot would be back on the scene with the Jailbreak softwareLimera1n. This software, which we mentioned some time ago and which does not officially exist  should be able to jailbreak all generations of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad under iOS 4.1. On the site, when you click on the logo, you are redirected to the image below


Again and always rumors you say? At the beginning yes it was a rumor rependu by StealthBravo, but later P0sixninja confirmed the thing.


The return of Geohot is not a joke. He is back and will release limera1n unless someone tells him about it "

My source is limera1n geohot itself. This is not a fake I read on his blog. "

For his part P0sixninja indicates that this is not a fake:


Yes, information about geohot is true, the day after we announced the ETA, he decided he wanted a share of the pie "

and gives some explanations:

"And yes, it is a feat of bootrom is different, Geohot wanted to be used in GreenPois0n, but it was not possible due to the release date we have scheduled. "

On the return of GeoHot there were many doubts, but according to several hackers have confirmed that this is real. Below we list the information known so far:

GeoHot release their jailbreak tool universal, for all devices iOS 4.1, Oct. 11, a date that coincides with the launch of blackra1n (IOS 3.1.2 jailbreak – 1 year ago!)

– The Chronic Dev Team has confirmed that the exploit is real GeoHot Limera1n is based on the bootROM, but different to that used in GreenPois0n
MuscleNerd, hacker Dev-Team has also confirmed the return of GeoHot and jailbreak all devices with the new exploit.

MuscleNerd has said that it is not advisable to release two tools at once and expose the two exploits as the only benefit is getting Apple.

Well, it seems nobody is happy with the return of GeoHot, but the market supply / claim and self-centeredness is. All you are asked to keep their exploits for the iPhone 5 and iPad 2, remember that it is an exploit to bootROM, hardware , to the processor.

Now depend on us to choose the tool to our device iOS jailbreak 4.1
GreenPois0n: 4 iPhone, iPod Touch 4 and iPad
Limera1n: for all devices iOS 4.1, there is no restriction
PwnageTool: 3G/iPod Touch iPhone 2G (others unknown)
– Wait for Comex find the exploit for the iPhone 3GS/3G

Note: The Chronic Dev Team anyway launch the tool GreenPois0n October 10(101 010 101 010 = year 10, month 10, day 10 to 10 hours and 10 minutes and 10 seconds)


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