GeohotzGeorge Hotz, known in the Network under the nickname Geohot, did reverse engineering code Evasi0n 7, designed to jailbreak iOS 7. How works the latest jailbreak, Hotz said in his blog.

Release of the application Evasi0n 7 was held on Sunday. The program performs a jailbreak for all smartphones and tablets Apple working under the iOS 7.0 (up to the iOS version 7.1 beta). Developing a tool led the team of hackers Evad3rs, which has the release of the jailbreak for iOS 7.


“In this post I will talk about the prospects evasi0n7. No more secrets. This material does not help Apple: I did reverse engineering for the binary file evasi0n that can and they, by the way, make sure. I also note that nothing dangerous app for you not to be in the phones don’t get any loopholes for the Chinese.


If I’ll do jailbreak again, it’s very unlikely (until the day that will come 128-bit ARM-processor, I got a jailbroken only of interest to ARM64), you’ll keep it a secret. This jailbreak I dedicated all my time, free of charge, without contracts with the Chinese, and the good-old jailbreak with a couple of colleagues. Evad3rs ahead of us.


Their jail etc. overlaps our 80%, partly due to leaks, but mainly because of vulnerabilities and similar methodologies. This means that the vulnerability cannot be used in the next time”.


As we already wrote, Geohot was negotiating the sale of its jailbreak for iOS 7 Chinese service. The network is available recording talks. On a recording of the talk was about $350 000. However, due to the recommendations of lawyers, Hotz decided not to conclude a deal.

Evad3rs still agreed with the Chinese, and for a much higher amount, according to some estimates about $1 million under the terms of The agreement, on the iPhone and iPad with the established Chinese language, during the jailbreak is loaded alternative to the app store. It later emerged that the Chinese partners Evad3rs decided to use Evasi0n for distribution of pirated applications.

The sequence of actions during the jailbreak Evasi0n, as we reported in our statement is as follows:


  • Click on the button to Jailbreak
  • Download remote Assembly
  • Downloading jailbreak data
  • Injection application evasi0n (1/2)
  • Injection application evasi0n (2/2)
  • System configuration (1/2)
  • System configuration (2/2)
  • Reboot
  • To continue unlock gadget and tap on the icon «evasi0n 7» on the home screen.
  • Reboot
  • Change rootfs…
  • Reboot
  • Start /evasi0n7 on the device under root

All the details on how Evasion jailbreak exploit works can be read in the writeup on the hacker website.

Detailed tutorials on the jailbreak iOS 7-7.0.4 available here for Windows and Mac OS X.

Obtain Evasi0n for PC and Mac on this web page.

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