Geohot to Present Untethered Jailbreak in Return for a Favour


Geohot has indicated that he’ll make the neighborhood an untethered jailbreak in trade for some lend a hand…

"at 9AM EST day after today, I shall be requesting all your lend a hand..for those who come via for me, i'll make you an untethered jailbreak. additionally $a thousand.00"

"at 9AM EST day after today, I want you all to development one thing and do one thing, for you to be printed then..large rewards are so as if this works"

At the moment the brand new iPod contact and the more recent iPhone 3GS units require a tethered jailbreak. Which, particularly within the case of the iPhone, make jailbreaking impractical.

Its no longer clear what help Geohot is looking for then again earlier tweets point out that he has been searching for "one thing able to checking three trillion SHA-1 hashes/2nd for $20,000"

He additionally talked about, "i wouldn&#
39;t really feel proper with a allotted manner because it has to wait for months and is industrial for me"


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