Geohot Unlocked would be Limesn0w?


Limesn0w&#a hundred and sixty;, the unbelievable tweak of hacker Geohot unlocked, will he emerge?&#a hundred and sixty;One remembers the time when George had proven&#one hundred sixty; "[Limesn0w] will never see the day. Media, understand it. . Since the recent announcement of the return of Geohot for the jailbreak of the iPad 2, anything is possible. 


Two things to come? We hope. A reader informs us of the discovery site (not associated with Geohot).

The question for the young man is simple: "Do you work on Limesn0w or not? . The answer is also "Yes."

This information is to be taken with large tweezers, this figure may well be a fake. Although email is one of George Hotz aka Geohot. The future will give us the answer.

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