George Hotz is building a self-driving car in his garage



George Hotz, aka GeoHot by the hacker community, was one of the first to jailbreak the iPhone and do the same with the PlayStation 3. However not wished to remain stagnant in consumer electronics products so seems, it has passed autonomous vehicles, which also wanted to be the first to develop. GeoHot has managed to turn its Acura ILX in a fully autonomous car thanks to its unmistakable quality in the development and theory of software, certainly George is a brilliant person who never ceases to amaze.

In recent years he has devoted to changing company and scarves from their affaires in Apple and Sony, he has been working on the development team Facebook and Google. However, it appears that none of these jobs filled him as he likes, not really surprising at all that kind of professions will fall short or will result boring this computer genius. In fact, these qualities to his development has caught the attention of the largest in the automotive industry, starting with the owner of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk.

GeoHot has achieved since its Acura ILX turn your garage into a fully autonomous car through a 21.5-inch screen showing the details of the system based on Ubuntu Linux has filled the car’s exterior cameras and laser radars capture environmental information for a closer and make the right decisions. All this thanks to a mini-computer that has embedded its way into the vehicle. The goal is for the vehicle to make decisions for himself as precisely as possible. (Source Bloomberg Businessweek)

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