Germans created a universal wireless charging system for iOS and Android


German engineers have released a universal wireless charging system for mobile devices on iOS and Android. Devices that support the transfer of energy Qi, represented in the form of a new project on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

QiPOWER technology based on the effect of magnetic resonance. It uses electromagnetic waves in the range from 300 kHz to 20 MHz, which is considered safe for the health. Wireless charging system includes a receiver and a transmitter power . First as a compact adapter for smartphones ( assembly Lightning, 30 -pin and microUSB), and the second can be installed under the table .

QiPOWERThe advantage of wireless charging QiPOWER is usability . First, the user does not necessarily have the phone in the holster , strictly parallel power transmission stand. Furthermore , QiPOWER can charge multiple mobile devices on a table surface . Electromagnetic waves travel through any material , including wood, granite, plastic and glass .

Argues that technology can recharge the iPhone battery in about the same time as using a conventional wired connection to the mains.

Who is the most famous format transmitting energy without wires is Qi. It is used in Nokia and Samsung. It is also supported by Sanyo, Olympus, Philips and Texas Instruments. However, Qi faced with a powerful rival in the person of PMA. On the side of the latter are of Duracell and AT & T, smartphone maker BlackBerry, the world’s largest coffee chain Starbucks and many other organizations that joined the alliance in recent times. Who will be the winner in this format war , time will tell.

Leave a pre-order on universal wireless charging system QiPOWER possible on this page .

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