WhatsApp users should consider the probability of leaving for a messaging service , after this messenger was bought by American Facebook, reports Cybersecurity. This statement was made by the German regulator to protect the data. Recall that on the eve of Facebook announced a deal to buy WhatsApp for $ 19 billion . Today WhatsApp worldwide use about 450 million people. WhatsApp transaction will take place as follows: $12 billion in Facebook shares give , 4 billion in cash and $3 billion options.

This deal should raise important questions of data protection as the data WhatsApp users sooner or later , but most likely , will be integrated with the platform Facebook, says Thilo Vayhert , the Data Protection Commissioner of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. When communication metadata and content of both services are combined, they can be used for commercialization and advertising purposes , says Vayhert .

The press service of Facebook declined to comment on fears of Germany. The message of social networks , however, says that Facebook and WhatsApp will continue to operate as two separate businesses. In most WhatsApp state that users of their messenger will not change anything . However, independent observers are convinced that the company’s cunning . After all, if nothing changes for either Facebook, WhatsApp or for any user , why Facebook have to spend $19 billion ?

In Germany , meanwhile, say that officially declared conditions look acceptable , but notice that Facebook and WhatsApp are based in the U.S., overseas keep their servers and there is no objective way to guarantee that the same U.S. NSA agents no longer delve into custom WhatsApp data equipment through Facebook. Vayhert said that Germany has long been seeking to German Facebook data processed in Germany and local laws , but the U.S. company has been making serious efforts to save the data in the United States .

The recommendation of the German authorities stated that European users are encouraged to look at the messenger such as myEnigma or Threema, based in Switzerland, have legislative immunity to protect the data and do not transmit traffic in the United States . Furthermore, they encrypt communications. Both work and messenger for iOS and for Android.

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